McHappy Day – May 8, 2019

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McHappy Day – May 8, 2019

Family Centre and McDonalds Restaurants in Lethbridge have teamed up to raise funds to support over 5,000 individuals at Family Centre each year and the numerous families in Alberta who need a Home Away From Home at the Ronald McDonald House Alberta while their child has a medical journey. To provide the funds to accomplish this mission we not only benefit from the support McDonalds provides through their sale of Big Macs, Hot Beverages and Happy meals, we sell raffle tickets for prizes.

Last year with donations for our raffle we were able to generate an additional $5,000 to support families in our area.

If you are interested in buying raffle tickets please come and see us at any of our three Family Centre Branches or call 403-320-4232 for more information.

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