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Kick 2020 To The Curb

This year has most certainly been a year to remember. Every one of us has had to learn how to live, work and grow within a pandemic.  When COVID-19 hit; Family Centre knew we needed to rise above and continue to support our community with our essential programs and services including, parent education, mental health supports, and early childhood education. We are so happy to have made it through 2020 and are hopeful for a healthy new year.

Thank you for helping Family Centre Kick 2020 To the Curb by bidding on items within our auction. All donors providing gifts over $20 through our Buy Now items will receive a charitable tax receipt.  Healthy Children, Healthy Families, Healthy Communities.

Our Silent Auction Is Now Live! Here is the link: http://events.handbid.com/auctions/kick-2020-to-the-curb