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The Volunteer Board of Directors, which represents all sectors of the community, and is elected by the general membership for two three-year terms, governs Family Centre.  This year’s Board members are:


On behalf of our Board of Directors,I welcome you to Family Centre!

Please take a few moments to look around and learn more about the various programs and resources

we offer in the City of Lethbridge and surrounding communities.

We hope you will find what you are looking for,

whether that is a parent/child playgroup, a parenting class, counselling, volunteer or employment opportunities,

or a way to support us financially. See you soon at Family Centre!






  • Sharon Rempel, VICE-CHAIRPERSON
  • Sonya von Heyking, TREASURER
  • Candace Ford, SECRETARY
  • Leon Borbandy, DIRECTOR
  • Noella Piquette, DIRECTOR
  • Jennifer Spriddle, DIRECTOR
  • Alison Mackisey, DIRECTOR
  • David Robb, DIRECTOR
  • Mackenzie Becker, DIRECTOR
  • Dawn Vickers, DIRECTOR
  • Cheryl Hatten, DIRECTOR
  • Bryan Friesen, DIRECTOR
  • Linda Lindsay, DIRECTOR

Opportunities are available to grow and strengthen Family Centre through our Board of Directors. Applications are accepted from January through March.

Family Centre Organizational Chart

2017-2018 Annual Report

2019 Financial Statement 

2019-2020 Operational Plan

2018-2020 Family Centre Strategic Plan