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The Volunteer Board of Directors, which represents all sectors of the community, and is elected by the general membership for two three-year terms, governs Family Centre.  This year’s Board members are:

  • Jared Warren, CHAIRPERSON
  • Sharon Rempel, VICE-CHAIRPERSON
  • Sonya von Heyking, TREASURER
  • Candace Ford, SECRETARY
  • Leon Borbandy, DIRECTOR
  • Noella Piquette, DIRECTOR
  • Jennifer Spriddle, DIRECTOR
  • Alison Mackisey, DIRECTOR
  • David Robb, DIRECTOR
  • Mackenzie Becker, DIRECTOR
  • Dawn Vickers, DIRECTOR
  • Cheryl Hatten, DIRECTOR
  • Bryan Friesen, DIRECTOR
  • Linda Lindsay, DIRECTOR

Opportunities are available to grow and strengthen Family Centre through our Board of Directors. Applications are accepted from January through March.

Family Centre Organizational Chart

2017-2018 Annual Report

2018 Audited Financial Statement

2018-2019 Family Centre Operational Plan

2018-2020 Family Centre Strategic Plan