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Family Centre was formed in 1994, when two Lethbridge organizations, Family and Community Development and Parent’s Place, merged. Family Centre was originally formed in order to enhance services in our community by providing a more comprehensive range of services to children and their families.

We have a defined mission to strengthen capacities and encourage the best possible development of families in Southern Alberta. We will strengthen families using resources and supports that contribute to healthy relationships at home and in the community.

Our vision statement was developed in order to achieve this mission: Healthy Children! Healthy Families! Healthy Communities! Family Centre operates within a team model and utilizes a consensus decision-making process including parents who are considered valuable partners in the Family Centre’s planning process.

The Centre originally operated out of an historical building in downtown Lethbridge, but in 2010 it moved into a larger, brighter and fully accessible facility on the 2nd level of Lethbridge Centre.

The organization has a solid reputation for serving, planning, forecasting and responding to the needs of families in southern Alberta. Other social service agencies, families and parents who access the centre, as well as community leaders support Family Centre.

Services offered by Family Centre are intended to:

1. Strengthen and empower families;

2. Enhance the capacities of parents;

3. Foster the optimal development of children.

The Guiding Principles of Family Support Programs

  • Open to families, recognizing that all families deserve support.
  • Complement existing services, build networks and linkages, and advocate for policies, services and systems that support families’ abilities to raise healthy children.
  • Work in partnership with families and communities to meet expressed needs.
  • Focus on the promotion of wellness and use a prevention approach in their work.
  • Work to increase opportunities and to strengthen individuals, families and communities.
  • Operate from an ecological perspective that recognizes the interdependent nature of families’ lives.
  • Value and encourage mutual assistance and peer support.
  • Affirm parenting to be a life-long learning process.
  • Value the voluntary nature of participation in their services.
  • Promote relationships based on equality and respect for diversity.
  • Advocate non-violence to ensure safety and security for all family members.
  • Continually seek to improve their practice by reflecting on what they do and how they do