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Abuse can mean many different things. Abuse generally refers to emotional, mental, physical, verbal, sexual, or economic mistreatment. It is important to note that neglect is also considered a form of abuse. Abuse is a pattern of behaviour in which a person (or people) mistreats another person or animal in such a way that either causes harm or risks causing harm.


Some warning signs of abuse in children include, but are not limited to: Unexplained injuries, including bruises, welts, cuts, etc.. Withdrawn, fearful, or anxious. Wearing inappropriate clothing to cover injuries (i.e. long sleeves on a hot day). Flinching when touched. Displays inappropriate sexual knowledge for his/her age. Has an STD or is pregnant, especially before the age of 14. Often misses or is late for school Wears dirty or inappropriate clothing for the weather. Has untreated injuries/illnesses and consistently bad hygiene

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