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“I feel that this whole experience with Family Centre was very positive. I was given the tools to allow myself to go forward in my life and be successful.” – Past Participant

We offer free and confidential counselling services in individual, couple, and family settings for children (7 years and older), youth, and adults. Trained counsellors assist clients to find new ways to effectively deal with the challenges they are experiencing. Counselling sessions are held on-site, at Family Centre, which is located in downtown Lethbridge and easily accessed by public transport. Our free counselling services are available to all individuals – not only for citizens of Lethbridge.

All members of the counselling team either have or are working towards a Master’s degree in Counselling, consult on cases with a registered psychologist, and receive on-going training. University students may also provide counselling as part of their practicum work. Our approach to counselling takes into account the impact that various relationships have on our clients and how to work on interaction patterns to produce healthier, more satisfying relationships.

Those interested in scheduling counselling sessions, may call Family Centre, 403-320-4232 extension 240, to speak with an intake worker. The intake worker will respond to all voice messages detailing a name and a phone number no later than the next business day. The intake worker will review your current situation with you and identify a counsellor or group program or other agencies to best suit your needs.

Individuals interested in receiving counselling can access our Counselling Handbook which provides information on what to expect, the process and nature of counselling, clients’ rights, associated benefits and risks, and other information. We encourage everybody considering counselling to review the handbook to make an informed decision about using counselling services at Family Centre.