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Parent – Teen Mediation


So you’ve tried communicating with your parent/teen and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere? Give it another chance and try something new and different: parent-teen mediation!

What is Parent-Teen Mediation?
Family Centre offers Parent-Teen Mediation for parents and teens experiencing conflict in a supportive, confidential, creative, and unbiased format. We help parent and teen to come together and resolve the problem at hand together. Either one will have time to speak and both will work together towards finding a good solution. The goal of the mediation process is to find a solution that leaves the parent and teen in a better position. The successful resolution of a conflict will provide a model when a conflict arises again in the future.

Which situations does it apply to?
Parent-Teen Mediation targets a specific situations between parents and teens that both individuals would like to see change. These situations include, but are certainly not limited to, non-violent situations such as running away, breaching rules, and breakdown in relationships. Mediation aims at arriving at a resolution that is acceptable for everybody involved, whatever that resolution may look like. Sometimes it is impossible to find a good resolution in a short time. In such cases, it may be best to seek help elsewhere or develop a safety plan.

How does Parent-Teen Mediation work?
If you are interested in Parent-Teen Mediation, contact the Parent-Teen Mediator at Family Centre. The mediator will ask to speak with both parties separately, either over the phone or in person, before meeting with both parties together. The initial conversations ensure that mediation is the best fit for the specific situation.

A meeting/appointment would be set up within one week, if possible, to meet with both parties at Family Centre. It may take up to two weeks to complete these four steps.

Step 1
Initial Intake Call

Step 2
Meeting 1:1 with each party

Step 3
Meeting 2:1 with both parties

Step 4
Follow-up phone call or meeting

Please call Family Centre 403-320-4232 ext: 212 for further information.