Parenting For New Canadians

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Parenting For New Canadians

“This program is really good and helpful to us, each and every step in our life.” – Past Participant.

“How did the facilitator know what was in my mind and my heart.” – Past Participant (Cultural shock lecture)

This program provides support and education to parents that are new to Canada. This group helps participants address challenges related to parenting while maintaining cultural values and identity in a new culture.  Cultural diversity is respected when discussing parenting in Canada.

These are commonly covered topics:
Parenting styles and values: A cross-cultural comparison
Talking with your youth: Encouragement, communication, and conflict
Boundaries and discipline: Setting and maintaining boundaries for youth
Working through family challenges: Cultural conflicts between parents and teens
Understanding peer social interactions: Bullying and fitting in Supporting youth: Making positive decisions in and out of the home
Culture shock: Phases and descriptions Canadian holidays and traditions

**Each parent will receive a certificate of completion.

Date: Tuesdays, October 1 – November 19
Time: 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Branch: Downtown
Fee: Free; Contact Lethbridge Family Services – Immigrant Services 403-320-1589 to register