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All My Relations

The All My Relations program for Indigenous families strengthens family relationships, builds parenting capacity, fosters healthy relationships and solidifies or re-establishes a strong connection with the Blackfoot community. This program is part of the Indigenous Family Resource Network through Opokaa’Sin Early Intervention Society

The program session topics revolve around five key family relationships: Relationship to self, couple relationship, parent/child relationship, connections through the generations, and the relationships between the family and community. The group sessions include parenting styles; collaborative problem solving; communication; fathers’ role; child development; self-care; families of origin; and community supports. We rely significantly on the Elders to ensure that program delivery is relevant to our Indigenous community participants. The Elders mentor both participants and facilitators to enhance the quality of the program. They utilize examples and culturally appropriate practices that enrich the material.

For more information please contact our Indigenous Program Coordinator at 403-320-4232 ext. 215 or our Indigenous Program Facilitator at 403-320-4232 ext. 218

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