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Batman vs. Superman

Calling All Caped Crusaders: Join the Ultimate Showdown for Good!

Attention, heroes of Lethbridge! Family Centre, your local champion for children and families, needs your help! We’re hosting the Batman vs. Superman Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign, and it’s time to assemble!

Choose Your Side, Unleash Your Power:

Do you believe in truth, justice, and the Canadian way? Then join Team Superman! Or are you a champion of darkness, fighting for order and justice in your own way? Then Team Batman needs you!

Every Donation Makes a Difference:

Whether you contribute a small fortune or a Wayne Enterprise-sized donation, every bit goes towards empowering children and families in our community. Plus, Canada Helps is offering a rewarding program for new monthly donations of $20 or more, boosting the impact of your generosity by additional $20!

More Than Just a Competition:

This campaign is about community, compassion, and making a real difference. By participating, you become part of a movement dedicated to building a stronger, brighter future for Lethbridge’s families.

Ready to Join the Fight?

Visit our Fundraising page or use the below form, choose your team, and start your fundraising journey! 

Together, we can prove that even without superpowers, the power of collective action can achieve anything. Let’s make this March a month to remember!

Simple just donate to your favorite team. Log in to your CanadaHelps account (or create yours) and join the team of your choice to actively promote your Super Hero! 

Superman vs Batman