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Also called domestic violence/abuse and intimate partner violence, it can mean many different things. Abuse generally refers to emotional, mental, physical, verbal, sexual, or economic mistreatment. It is important to note that neglect and exposure is also considered forms of abuse, especially for children. Abuse is a pattern of behaviour in which a person (or people) mistreats another person in such a way that either causes harm or risks causing harm, and is often done as an attempt to intimidate and/or control the other person.


Some warning signs for adults include, but are not limited to: Unexplained injuries, or suspicious explanations for injuries (i.e. “I fell down the stairs”), social withdrawal and/or overly apologetic and meek, and reduce social communication, appears anxious and on edge, or guarded and might not be able to make decisions and/or get flustered when asked to, the person is no longer able to visit family or friends unless his/her partner is present, and the person does not have access to money or is concerned about spending money.

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