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Making Connections is an early intervention program housed within schools in Lethbridge School Division. The intent of this program is to support parents and families in accessing community resources that will assist families in strengthening thier resiliency, assist in further developing a families independence and develop an awareness of resources. Making Connections strives to reduce barriers that families encounter in accessing support. They function as a problem-solving ally to families, as needed. There is no criteria for elegibility of services through Making Connections. Families can be referred to Making Connections is a variety of ways through other professionals, self referral or peer referral. Support is taylored to each families individual need. Making Connections has the flexibility to take services to the client rather than have a client come to them, with the focus always being on the family unit rather than the individual. Making Connections serves as a vital part of the Wellness Teams at all schools in Lethbridge School Division. Their unique ability to assist families allows schools the ability to support the child across all seven domains of well-being (Well-Being and Resiliency Framework, 2019), validating the families significance for a child to have their needs met and be healthy, happy and successful across environments. Making Connections understands that families come with diverse experiences, knowledge and identity. They seek to engage a family’s strengths and resiliency through relationship building and collaboration. Making Connections Family Workers are not counsellors; they are allies to families that reduce barriers in accessing further community or cultural supports. Contact DeeAnna Presley-Roberts, email: Deeanna.PresleyRoberts@lethsd.ab.ca