Parents as Teachers

South Region Parents as Teachers – Home Visitation.

Throughout the pandemic, South Region PAT has continued to enroll and serve families across Southwest Alberta through virtual, telecommunication and in-person physically distant visits. PARENTS AS TEACHERS EVIDENCE-BASED HOME VISITATION MODEL PROGRAM COMPONENTS:

• Personal Visits: Individualized, strength-based visits where home visitors focus on child development, parent-child interaction, parenting challenges and family well-being. The five Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors are embedded in PAT curricula, approach, training and parent materials. Visits occur monthly, biweekly or weekly depending on family needs and program capacity. Any family with young children (prenatal – kindergarten) may enroll with families with children under three targeted for enrolment.

• Resource Network: Home visitors assume a “broker of services” role, bridging the gap between resources available and families’ needs.

• Screening: Developmental and health screenings occur regularly and help parents understand their child’s development, recognize strengths and identify areas of concern that might suggest the need for follow-up services.

• Group Programs: A variety of opportunities for parents to share experiences, discuss problems, learn from other parents, observe their child with other children and learn and practice parenting skills.

Contact: 403-320-5983