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Separations and Divorce is often a scary time for children, Parents often hear about how horrible divorce impacts their children but there is not a lot of discussion about how divorce/separation can positively impact children. Here are 5 benefits your child can get from your divorce:

1. They learn positive ways to problem solve and set boundaries!

  • Kids are aware when there is a problem in the home, When marital issues are resolved through divorce, they see firsthand how to handle the stress and anger appropriately

2. There is more one-on-one time with each parent 

  • What comes out of co-parenting? The kids end up having a lot of oneon-one time with each parent, the time parents spend engaged in oneon-one with their children had a huge impact on their kids!

3. There will be more happiness 

  • Children benefit from love and structure, so as long as that is established, there will be happiness.

4. It can build communication skills 

  • Living in two households gives kids good communication skills. There is a lot to keep track of with children! Although it is not good to make the children the messenger between parents, but if parents have good communication between each other and the children

5. They are stronger, and can have a better life 

  • Children are resilient, and strong. In life there are often obstacles, issues, and problems, but we can solve them – even kids can work through them and it can make them even stronger and able to excel