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Traditional Parenting Values – Then vs. Now

“A sense of Identity equals a sense of belonging. We are constantly developing our identity, from birth to the end of our lives. We build it based on our relationships to relatives, friends,  community, geography, language, and other social factors. Identity plays a key role in healthy child development. When a child feels a sense of belonging to family, community, and peers he or  she is better able to deal with adversity.” 

Traditional Parenting

  • Culture, land & language
  • Values, sharing & caring
  • Kindness & Gentleness
  • Confidentiality & Respect
  • Closeness to family & community
  • Spirituality, Ceremonies & Sundance
  • Connection to the environment, land & animals

A Brief History of Colonization & How it Has Effected Our Parenting Styles  

  • 1877: Treaty 7 (Health, Education & Reserve land)
  • 1880: Old Agency (Indian Agents, unable to leave the reserve freely)
  • 1911: Indian Residential Schools. St. Paul’s (Anglican) & St. Mary’s (Catholic)
  • 1950: Sundance & Ceremonies (banned)
  • 1960: The 60’s Scoop
  • 1982: Canadian Constitution (Aboriginal Rights Protected in Canadian Constitution)
  • 1996: The last Indian Residential School closure
  • 2008: Prime Minister Harper Apologizes