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What are Ages & Stages Questionnaire?

They are simple questions related to your child’s development based on your child’s age.  Just like going to the doctor for a regular physical checkup, a regular development checkup will provide a snapshot of your child’s motor, cognitive, language, and social-emotional skills. It will help you determine if your child is meeting the appropriate milestones for their age and address any potential concerns. Intervention before kindergarten has huge benefits because it sets children up for future success!

The ASQ’s can be filled in online or you can call one of our Family Connector to book a time to see one of our Parent Coaches to help you fill in a paper copy or discuss any concern you may have.  Once the questionnaire is filled in one of our team members will check to see if your child is developing typically for their age, contact you to set up an appointment to go over the results, and supply you with activities and ideas you can use to further help your child.  If there are concerns, our team can help support you to find the right resources to help your child.

You can now access Ages & Stages3 and Ages & Stages Social Emotinal2 online:
ASQ 3: https://www.asqonline.com/family/aa1c9a
SE 2: https://www.asqonline.com/family/680fa2

For more information call our Family Connector 403-320-4232 ext. 204