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Baby Signing


“I really enjoyed the program and am excited to see my baby start signing!” – Past Participant

Brains are built through back and forth interactions called “serve and return” just like a game of ping-pong. Healthy development occurs when babies “serve” and adults “return” by getting in sync with their child. Infants want and need parents to partner with them in this game. Baby signing provides another tool for connecting and communicating in the game of serve and return. This program is geared for families with children 4 -18 months of age.

There will be time to see each sign illustrated and you will learn ways to include the signs into your child’s daily routine. Over the six week course you will have the opportunity to learn over one hundred signs relating to six different themes. The classes are set up in an interactive format; learning to sign and singing along to a theme song with your child. The signs chosen are developmentally appropriate and relevant to your child’s experience with each concept. Baby Signing is a great way to facilitate communication at an earlier age than speech.

How do you know if your child is ready?
Any child who shows readiness to communicate, but cannot do so effectively with words, is a candidate for signing.
If you sign with your baby, you will:
● reduce frustration with communication
● strengthen your parent-child attachment
● jumpstart language development with signs
● stimulate intellectual development
● enhance infant self-esteem
● realize that signing with your baby is as easy as waving bye bye!
… and gain insight into your baby’s world!