“Wonderful program. So much more to learn than just about anger management. Have gained so much here. I am truly grateful.” – Past Participant

This program is designed for adults looking for alternatives to managing intense emotions with an emphasis on new strategies for controlling anger.

This educational, eight-week long program is a fun group for adults who want to learn new and effective tools for managing anger, frustration, and stress. By means of interactive and fun activities, this program provides a space for individuals to have an opportunity to connect with others and learn, while working towards achieving emotional balance in their lives. This program will also help participants identify past patterns of emotion in order to learn and practice new skills and to promote change.

The seven major components of the program are:
What is Anger
The Mechanics of Anger
Anger Tool Box
Awareness of Anger
Effective Communication
Influences of anger
Anger Prevention

To learn more about this program, please call 403-320-4232.