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Triple P Group


“This program was extremely helpful to me. It was good to know that I am not alone and developing an actual hands on plan was really great.” – Past Participant

Triple P Group:

 Triple P Group is an 5-session program, ideally conducted in groups of 10-12 parents. It employs an active skills training process to help parents acquire new knowledge and skills. The program consists of four 2-hour group sessions which provide opportunities for parents to learn through observation, discussion, practice and feedback. DVD segments are used to demonstrate positive parenting skills. These skills are then practiced in small groups. Parents receive constructive feedback about their use of skills in an emotionally supportive context.

 Between sessions, parents complete homework tasks to consolidate their learning from the group sessions. Following the group sessions, three 15-30 minute follow-up telephone sessions provide additional support to parents as they put into practice what they have learned in the group sessions. A final group session completes the program.

Although delivery of the program in a group setting may mean parents receive less individual attention, there are several benefits of group participation for parents. These benefits include support, friendship and constructive feedback from other parents as well as opportunities for parents to normalize their parenting experience through peer interactions.

 Positive Parenting Group (For Parents of Children ages 0 – 12)